executive search

CTW Partners has a well-defined process that is both thorough and flexible. Our search process has been designed to maximise our speed of delivery whilst providing valuable collateral information.


Although each recruitment process will differ depending upon various factors our thorough, consistent approach ensures that we deliver Executive Search assignments even when the sector or job functions are new to our experience. 


To capture the best available talent for our clients in the modern recruitment market our approach is tried, tested and adaptable to any recruitment situation. We aim to keep our target lists as broad as possible, whilst maintaining the quality of potential candidates. 


in-house talent acquisition

CTW Partners work with organisations to help deliver effective in-house resourcing solutions. We are able to bring the following skills to help business transition from engaging external recruitment partners to being totally self sufficient. Core areas of expertise include:


Stakeholder management
Having the knowledge, style and gravitas to work well with and influence leaders across the business to support (and invest in) the in-house recruitment function.

Tactical workforce planning
Moving from reactive recruiting to proactive, best in class talent acquisition through accurate forecasting that enables recruitment teams to build the right talent pipeline.


Succession planning
Understanding the needs of the business and building a reputation as an employer who supports diversity and inclusion to attract and develop leadership talent.


Social recruitment
Identifying different recruitment channels online, and understanding how to promote the employer brand to capture candidates’ interests and keep them engaged.


Mobile recruitment
Providing candidates with a seamless mobile job search and application experience, and enabling hiring managers and recruiters to screen and select the right candidates through mobile devices.


Recruitment analysis
Understanding how data can provide the intelligence required to inform on-going talent management and people development, and strategic and tactical workforce planning.


Team development
Identifying required skills and providing the right resources and support for team members to train and develop effectively whilst encouraging them to do so.


Management development
Supporting managers as they lead and develop their teams to become accredited in-house resourcing practitioners.


mapping executive talent

Executive Market Mapping provides our clients with a tailor-made in-depth market intelligence analysis of the candidate pool.


This incorporate a well-defined methodology assessing, what available talent is suitable for your executive jobs in the current business environment.

  • Have no immediate executive appointments need, but desire a market overview in order to be well situated for a fast executive placement in the future.

  • Want to be certain that, as a particular role need arises, the ideal candidate does in fact exist in the market.

  • May have a potential Executive Search need, but remain uncertain until there is a more comprehensive understanding of the market via the Executive Market Mapping report, at which point the company is better equipped with the necessary information to decide whether or not to open the headcount to new executive appointments.

  • Are engaged in the process of succession planning, diversity mapping or general executive benchmarking.

  • Intend to expand or launch into a new market or geographical location and want to understand the local talent pool, before deciding whether to conduct an Executive Search locally or expatriate a manager for these executive jobs.

  • through thorough identification and analysis they will be readily armed with accurate data on the focus market,

  • as well as a comprehensive mapping of the prevalent talent solutions required for making an informed decision for their current, or future, Executive Search requirements.